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About Us

About Us

MyGoMobile provides short-code and mobile communication services, with clients ranging from multinational corporations and national franchise groups, to the smallest entrepreneurs.

The MyGoMobile team has years of mobile commerce experience, with the most robust technology platform on the market. Our marketing team designs, develops and deploys mobile apps, mobile websites, text (SMS), multimedia messaging (MMS), mobile commerce, or a combination to monetize and measure results!


Grow your business through Mobile Marketing with MyGoMobile...

We take Mobile Marketing to the next level!


Our Features

Our Features

Platform includes the following:

Text Message
The messaging wizard allows you to create custom text messages to send to your customers about special events that are happening in your store.

Mobile Coupons
Design eye catching coupons in minutes. All coupons are one time use only. Choose from our images and templates or create your own. Track open, redemption and deletion rates. You can also add barcodes and multiple locations, and more.

Mobile Websites
With our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, no programming skills are needed to create beautiful and rich mobile websites. Access powerful features and tools with full customization based on your client’s needs such as custom graphics, colors and fonts, click to call, lead generation and much more.

Landing Pages
Create a static mobile web page, or a mobile web advertisement. Post photos, text and links.

Send appointment reminders and confirm arrivals with your customers to reduce no shows.

Conduct a Poll
Poll your customer/contacts. Involve your audience in important decisions. Who was the most valuable player this quarter? Which wine offers the best value? Which mobile coupon offer did you use more frequently? And now…..

Text to Win
Can be used to create sweepstakes to help quickly build your opt-in list or for currently opted-in lists. A main prize can be given to one randomly chosen winner and you may also give a coupon or discount to everyone else just for participating.

Email Integration
Integrate email marketing providers.

Ask questions to be answered by users on your opt-in list. Questions engage the user and allow them to give you a tally of people attending an event, a quick opinion on something, etc. You can attach a message, a coupon, or nothing at all in response to the user’s answer.

Auto Responder
Build a scheduled release of messages and coupons to customers in your opt-in list.

Vehicle Listing
Use this feature to generate mobile leads and inquiries on vehicles. Printable ads that include QR Code and keyword to be placed on vehicle windshields. Potential buyers can scan the QR code or text a keyword to receive more information about the vehicle and the dealership will instantly get a lead sent to them.

Property Listing
Use this feature to generate mobile leads and inquiries on properties. Potential buyers can scan the QR code or text a keyword to receive more information about the property and the realtor will instantly get a lead sent to them.

Text to Screen
Enables a live audience to text a keyword followed by a personal message to a designated short code, this will then be posted on a screen/projection device where the live audience can view this message.

Birthday Wish
Treat your customers with a special gift on their special day; include a coupon that will be triggered automatically prior or on the client’s birthday.

Loyalty Program
Create virtual punch cards with The Loyalty Program. You will be able to choose program length, what the reward will be and how many points it will take customers to reach the desired goal.

Kiosk Builder
With absolutely no programming knowledge you can create a tablet based kiosk in minutes for any business and it is as simple as point and click! Our custom wizard allows you to modify pages on the fly and is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS.

Create custom keywords such as “Pizza” or have the system generate them for you. Keywords are what clients will text in to join a list, enter a contest, etc.

QR Code
Create QR codes in a flash using our QR Code generator. Enter your information and the wizard will create a unique QR code that can be printed, emailed, or downloaded for future use.

Scheduled Tasks
This is a list of tasks that have been scheduled for a future date.

Web Forms
Create opt-in form to your website or Facebook page.

This service enables you to integrate with Facebook. You can publish coupons, messages, QR codes and ads directly to your Facebook wall.

This service enables you to integrate with Twitter. You can publish coupons, messages, QR codes and ads directly to your Twitter.



  • $189 for the first 4 months 
    • (this includes tablet/kiosk for customer opt-in)


  • $89 per month after the first 3 months
    • (this includes 350 FREE text messages)



No Contract after the first 30 days.



Password: irah12

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